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Personal Loan

Get the stuff you need or go on that trip you've always wanted to take by applying to Bank of Beirut's Personal Loan, and benefit from our attractive interest rates and repayment period.


Eligibility Criteria

- Eligible Clients
 Omani government and semi-government employees.
 Omani Employees in large corporations, customers at Bank of Beirut Oman.
 Expatriates: Employees in large corporations, customers at Bank of Beirut Oman*
 *On a case by case basis provided employees are fully guaranteed by their employers/others.
 Private sector employees in large corporations, customers at Bank of Beirut Oman*
 *Provided employees are guaranteed by the company.


- Minimum period of employment:
2 years for Omanis working in governmental and semi-governmental sectors.
3 years for Omanis and expats part of the Bank’s large corporate customers.


- Minimum accepted income: OMR 1,000.


- Securities
Irrevocable salary transfer letter.(to include the end of service indemnity for expatriates and Omani citizens)
Life insurance 100% (covering the outstanding balance).
If deemed necessary, additional securities may be requested (such as cash collateral, personal guarantee, deduction letter, etc.).

Apply Now
Personal Loan BoBOman220610091747611~.jpg
  • Loan Currency: OMR
  • Loan Period: Up to 5 years for Omani Nationals
  • Interest rate: 6% 
  • File fees: OMR 25/-
  • Debt burden (Instalment to Income ratio “IIR”): 50%
  • Maximum financing: Up to OMR 75,000/-
  • Loan Period: Up to a maximum of 5 years.
  • Acceptable currencies: Omani Rial only “OMR”

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