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Security Measures

Strong Encryption
Information exchanged between your computer and our web server is secured through encryption. Encryption converts the information into a form that is unreadable as it travels along the internet. You must have a browser that supports strong encryption to access the system (in technical terms, the browser must support 128-bit encryption).

Secure Login
Our online banking system allows you to choose a secret picture. From that time forward, before logging in, our web site will identify itself to you once you enter your username by showing you this picture. The picture confirms that you have reached our web site and not a fraudulent web site trying to trick you into divulging your personal information.

You are then required to enter your login credentials in order to gain access to the online banking system. Your login credentials consists of the following:

  • Username
  • Passwords
  • Captcha password
  • Token Password (RSA Token delivered to you and to each and every user allowing secure authentication). RSA are the leading IT security token manufacturers in the world.

Password Protection
To protect your password, our system will periodically request that you change your password. When changing your password, you will be shown whether your password is considered weak, medium or strong. Strong passwords are harder for a fraudster to guess. Please do not reveal your password to anyone and please commit your password to memory rather than writing it down where others may find it.


Automatic Logout
You should always log out of the online banking facility when you are done, but if you forget, our system will automatically log you out after a period of time that you can personally assign.

Protecting your Privacy
In order to protect your personal information, you may be asked to enter security credentials before gaining access to pages that contain your address, phone number, and login credentials. Providing these credentials will confirm your identity so that only you can see and modify your personal information.

Fraud Protection
In order to protect you against fraudulent transactions, you may be asked to enter security credentials for any transaction that moves funds out of the bank (for example, a transfer to an external account or a bill payment).



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