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Business Online Banking

Bank of Beirut has developed an electronic banking platform Business Online Banking for exchange of information and transactions initiation:


An online banking system that gives you 24/7 access to the company accounts in real time information.

Allows you to send all types of financial transactions and to:


  • Transfer between company accounts or any other account in BOB.
  • Wire transfer to any beneficiary destination in the world.
  • Extraction of SWIFT copies online.
  • Open Letters of Guarantee / Letters of credit.
  • Order a check book.
  • Upload a Payroll file for quick processing.
  • Request a Demand Draft
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  • 24/7 access to account information (e.g.: latest balances / statement search / statement export, etc.) 
  • Perform financial transactions on the go
  • Delegate financial authorities to subordinates / staff while maintaining full control over transaction / approval
  • Conduct business and third party local and international account to account transfers with beneficiary notification.
  • Send a beneficiary notification whenever issuing payments.
  • Open / Amend Letters of Credit
  • Request Letters of Guarantee
  • Request Chequebooks

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