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Interest in Advance

Benefit from the immediately paid interest at the time of opening your account











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  • Terms Available – 180 days and 365 days
  • Interest is calculated on a daily basis
  • Interest rate for 1 year 3.5% and for 6 months 3%.
  • Interest is paid upfront when the deposit is opened
  • The principal amount of the deposit is locked in until maturity
  • If deposit is broken before maturity, the interest amount that was paid earlier shall be deducted from the principal amount
  • The term of the deposit cannot be changed until maturity
  • Available in RO
  • Min RO 3k, Max RO 100 k
  • The interest amount will be disbursed in a Current Account which should naturally be linked to a Debit card that client can either use on POS or ATM. Offering a Credit Card with a 10% Limit of the Deposited blocked amount is recommended with free membership fee for the first year.


  • Interest is paid immediately at the time of opening Fixed Deposit, therefore customer does not have to wait until maturity to receive interest
  • Secured deposit and interest amount is guaranteed if deposit is held until maturity
  • Interest rate is fixed for the entire tenor
  • Competitive rate of interest depending on tenor and deposit amount
  • On maturity the deposit is renewed automatically as a regular FD, at the prevailing rate of interest

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