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Business Loan

Apply For Business Loan

Are You a Lebanese Citizen above the age of 21?
Is your company registered in Lebanon and/or is your business operation in Lebanon?
Do you have 2 years of working experience and at least 2 years of financial statements?
Do you have a tangible asset to be presented as security?
Is your annual Sales turnover more than 2 times your requested loan amount?
Apply For This Loan



Terms and Conditions should be available in B Business Product:

The B Business Loan is part of the B Business package which is a bundle of three products,

1) B Business Loan

2) Advance Account

3) Business Credit Card. Bank of Beirut Terms & Conditions applies.


We Are Reachable

Dear Client, should you require any further inquiries or assistance on e-loan entry, please contact 1262


Sorry! Basic Eligibility Conditions are not met.
Please refer to your nearest BOB Branch for more inquiry details.

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